Calibration and Metrology Services from Transcat Biomedical

Definition: Metrology is the science of measurement and calibration is the application of that science.

We calibrate all your equipment to exacting standards. Calibration services performed by Transcat Biomedical use definitive measurement practices, standard metrology principles, and high-end standards to determine if a test instrument is performing according to the manufacturer’s specifications or special specifications agreed upon by the customer. This service gives our customers the confidence in the measurements they will make with their test instruments.

All instrument calibrations are:

  • Calibrated, cleaned, affixed with a calibration label, and issued a calibration certificate
  • Calibration data is supplied for instruments that fail initial testing
  • Data is available for in tolerance units at an extra cost
  • Tracked via a comprehensive database and notifications are sent when the instrument is due for re-calibration via our online database
Transcat Biomedical, formerly Spectrum Technologies, has a nationwide network of technicians ready to deliver the same high quality calibrations at your hospital or plant.

Onsite calibrations meet the same quality standards as our depot calibrations For more information or to obtain a quote, complete our online quote request form or call us at 800.342.7748.

Transcat Biomedical is a Transcat Company. This relationship allows us to offer an even greater suite of service offerings including:

  • Over 100,000 products from over 250 vendors available from with 3000 ready to ship the same day
  • Extensive North American network of labs offering the largest scope of 17025 accredited calibration services including reference disciplines and repair services
  • Used equipment sales
  • Short and long term test and measurement instrument rentals
  • Laboratory instrument services including HPLCs, GCs, spectrophotometers and more
  • Equipment validation services including temperature mapping, IQ/OQ/PQ, autoclaves, stability chambers and more

The two technicians that arrived were very courteous and thorough.  Arrived on time and got work completed without any issues.  Great job again – Thanks!

Horizon CSA @ Atlantic General Hospital